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February—African American History Month

  • African American History Month
    features more than 60 resources related to African American history. See photos and historic places from the civil rights movement.
  • Black History Month Feature Stories
    offers 28 public service announcements for radio. Each 60-second sound clip tells the story of one African American who made significant contributions...

March—Women's History Month

  • Women's History Month
    showcases historic properties that illustrate contributions of women to our nation's history.

April—Jazz History Month

  • Smithsonian Jazz
    celebrates Jazz Appreciation Month, April, by offering sound clips, information about jazz events, a directory of jazz societies ...
  • Jazz
    Swing and bebop, Bird and Miles, photos and interviews, improvisation, how jazz evolved...

May—Asian Pacific Heritage Month

  • Asian-Pacific Heritage Month
    provides information about the historical contributions of Asian and Pacific peoples in the US and territories.

June—LGBT Pride Month (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender)

September-October—Hispanic Heritage Month

  • Celebrate Hispanic American Month
    highlights publications, properties listed in the National Register, and National Parks related to the creativity, culture, and political experiences of Hispanic Americans.

November—American Indian and Alaska Native Month

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