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Frank Lloyd Wright: Designs for an American Landscape, 1922-32 concentrates on five major projects of the great American architect. During the 1920s, Frank Lloyd Wright developed architectural prototypes of far-reaching consequence. Exploring...  (Library of Congress)
The Collection of the National Gallery of Art is the homepage for one of the finest art collections in the world, illustrating major achievements in painting, sculpture, and graphic arts from the Middle Ages to today. Visitors can...  (National Gallery of Art)
Building Big helps kids think about structures they see every day and the impact of technology on society. You can use the television series, website, and activity guide to help teach basic...  (National Endowment for the Humanities)
R. Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud is a spinoff from the PBS series about the architect, designer, engineer, poet, philosopher, author, and global iconoclast, best known for the geodesic dome...  (WNET, supported by National Endowment for the Humanities)
Triumph of the Baroque, Architecture in Europe (1600-1750) presents two centuries of European architectural history and explores the most famous architects of the baroque era. Learn how painting, sculpture, architecture, landscape, and urban...  (National Gallery of Art)
African American History Month Federal Resources The Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution...  (Library of Congress)
Charles Sheeler: Across Media is the first exhibit to focus on the relationships among photography, film, and painting in the works of Charles Sheeler (1883-1965). This American modernist explored those...  (National Gallery of Art)
Frank Lloyd Wright offers several pictures of 10 buildings of the famous American architect, as well as discussion of his life and work. The site offers films clips of Wright being interviewed...  (WETA, supported by National Endowment for the Humanities)
Log Cabins in America: The Finnish Experience tells why the log cabin was popular and important in settling the American frontier. The log cabins, barns, school, and other buildings examined by this website were constructed by...  (National Park Service, Teaching with Historic Places)
Temple of Liberty: Building the Capitol for a New Nation presents documents, plans, photographs, and lithographs of the many features of the U.S. Capitol in its various stages of construction and development. It explores topics such as the...  (Library of Congress)
American Landscape and Architectural Design, 1850-1920 contains approximately 2,800 photographs, plans, maps, and models of American buildings and landscapes built during this period. The collection offers views of cities, buildings...  (Library of Congress)
Built in America: Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record, 1933-Present documents the achievements in architecture, engineering, and design in the U.S., including examples as diverse as windmills, one-room schoolhouses, the Golden Gate Bridge, and...  (Library of Congress)
Washington As It Was: Photographs by Theodor Horydczak, 1923-1959 gathers 14,000 photographs of the architectural and social life of the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, including exteriors and interiors of...  (Library of Congress)
The North Carolina State Capitol: Pride of the State tells the story of this state capitol -- how a committee settled on a location, how a new town (Raleigh) was laid out in 1792, and why the "political temple" erected in mid 1800s...  (National Park Service, Teaching with Historic Places)
Amiens Cathedral Project presents a virtual tour of this gothic cathedral with interior and exterior photographs, drawings, computer graphics, and explanatory text...  (Columbia University, supported by National Endowment for the Humanities)
Architecture and Interior Design for 20th Century America: Samuel Gottscho and William Schleisner offer over 29,000 images primarily of architectural subjects, including interiors and exteriors of homes, stores, offices, factories, historic buildings, and other structures. Subjects...  (Library of Congress)
Mount Auburn Cemetery: A New American Landscape describes the country's first large-scale designed landscape open to the public. The cemetery, established four miles outside Boston in 1831, stood in stark contrast to barren, crowded...  (National Park Service, Teaching with Historic Places)
A Design for the East Building presents drawings by the architect I.M. Pei and his design team for the National Gallery's East Building, which opened to the public in 1978...  (National Gallery of Art)
East Building Architectural Tour shows several photographs and accompanying discussion of the East Building of the National Gallery of Art, which opened in 1978. The tour is centered around the architectural features...  (National Gallery of Art)
East Building Virtual Tour allows multiple zooming-ins and navigation around and inside the East Building of the National Gallery of Art, which opened in 1978...  (National Gallery of Art)
The Work of Charles and Ray Eames: A Legacy of Invention brings together the sources of the Eameses' inspiration, the personal documents of their lives, and the finished products of their work. According to the exhibit, "Charles and Ray...  (Library of Congress)
Furniture from the Index of American Design displays 26 chairs, tables, and other pieces that show the major styles of fine American furniture from 1650 to 1850. During this time, American furniture followed English fashions...  (National Gallery of Art)
West Building: Then and Now celebrates the 60th anniversary (March 2001) of the opening of the National Gallery of Art. An online photo essay shows how the West Building and its environment have changed over the...  (National Gallery of Art)
Discover: Presidential Log Cabins is a set of materials designed to help 6th to 8th grade students learn about the significance of three log cabin sites occupied by four of our nation's greatest leaders. Through these...  (National Park Service)

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