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Energy Activities for Teachers and Students offers activities for learning about electrolysis, electric-powered vehicles, ethanol-fueled cars, solar collectors, levers, energy in hurricanes, energy in light, how a thermometer...  (Department of Energy)
K-12 Energy Lesson Plans and Activities offers 350 lessons on energy efficiency and renewable energy. They're organized by grade level and topic -- biomass, geothermal, fuel cells, ocean energy, solar power, transportation...  (Department of Energy)
Science360 for iPad provides easy access to engaging science and engineering images and video from around the globe and a news feed featuring breaking news from NSF-funded institutions. Content is either...  (National Science Foundation)
Green Revolution features 10 fast-paced videos on alternative energy -- wind, solar, hydrogen, biomass, green roofs, smart grid, microbes, electric vehicles, and the CityCar project...  (National Science Foundation)
Energy Kids invites students to explore energy -- what it is, where it comes from, ways to conserve it. Topics include energy careers, field trips, and science fair projects. Teachers will find...  (U.S. Energy Information Administration, supported by Department of Energy)
Energy provides video clips and interactive resources for learning about energy sources, heat, light, nuclei and radiation, radio waves, sound waves, and work and simple machines. Find...  (Teachers' Domain, supported by Multiple Agencies)
Learning About Renewable Energy provides basic information about solar, wind, biomass, hydrogen, and geothermal power. See a video on how solar panels work. Learn about advanced vehicles, alternative fuels, energy...  (National Renewable Energy Laboratory, supported by Department of Energy)
Junior Solar Sprint and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Competitions focuses on designing and building solar and hydrogen fuel cell cars. Explore components of solar cars. Conduct experiments to improve car performance. Find activities for measuring...  (Department of Energy)
Energy Country Analysis Briefs contains briefs for every country in the world of interest to energy policy makers. Each brief has a narrative section, a map showing the country's location, and a section listing...  (Energy Information Administration, supported by Department of Energy)
Decades of Discovery describes 100 important discoveries in energy sciences, nuclear and plasma physics, advanced computing research, and biological and environmental research. Topics include the world's...  (Department of Energy)
National Science Digital Library provides access to resources in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education and research. From video clips teaching cell division to simulations demonstrating plate...  (National Science Foundation)
Investigating the Climate System: Energy offers problem-based lessons that focus on questions: Does ground surface influence temperature? How important is water evaporation to the cooling of a surface? If my town grows...  (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
Learning About Fossil Fuels features lessons on coal, oil, and natural gas. Learn how coal is formed and used, and about technologies for cleaning up coal. Find out how oil is squeezed out of the earth and how...  (Department of Energy)
Milestones in the History of Energy and Its Uses features a timeline of energy developments and uses since the 1700s. Learn about biomass, coal, electricity, geothermal, natural gas, nuclear power, oil, solar power, wind turbines...  (Department of Energy)
Energy Explained is a brief but comprehensive introduction to energy. Learn what energy is and how it is used. Explore renewable and nonrenewable energy -- oil, coal, gasoline, natural gas, nuclear...  (U.S. Energy Information Administration, supported by Department of Energy)
Energy Star Kids helps students see where energy comes from, how it is used, and what they can do in their own room to conserve it...  (Environmental Protection Agency)
Science Education Partnership Lessons is a database of selected hands-on science lessons developed by the partnership. Browse by grade and subject -- biology, chemistry, physical science, earth science, science skills...  (University of California, San Francisco supported by the National Institutes of Health, supported by National Institutes of Health)
Engineering Design for Human Exploration: Energy and Power helps students learn a 12-step engineering design process as they solve problems associated with traveling to and living on the moon...  (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
Fusion: Physics of a Fundamental Energy Source provides introductory educational materials on fusion, the process that powers the sun and other stars; and plasmas, known as the "fourth state of matter."...  (Department of Energy)
Nuclear Energy Learning Resources for Schools provides a list of resources for learning about nuclear energy topics. Find information about how nuclear reactors work, what makes certain materials radioactive, the importance of...  (Argonne National Laboratory, supported by Department of Energy)
Sustainable Development Education provides models, curricula, and professional development materials for learning about managing trade-offs between resource use and quality of life. Software is offered to help clarify...  (Concord Consortium, supported by Department of Education)
Minerals Management Service Kids' Pages offers activities for learning about tidepools, energy, sea water, ocean sand and gravel, drilling for oil in the ocean, and historic shipwrecks of the Gulf of Mexico...  (Minerals Management Service, supported by Department of the Interior)
Bonneville Power Administration's Resources for Teachers includes lessons on energy conservation, energy efficiency, geothermal energy, water and electricity, stream environments and stream health, aquatic macroinvertebrates, and the life...  (Bonneville Power Administration, supported by Department of Energy)
EIA's Kids Page invites kids on a fun-filled tour of the various kinds, sources, and uses of energy. Students can take a quick energy quiz, read fun facts, or visit five energy producing facilities...  (Energy Information Administration, supported by Department of Energy)
Energized Learning offers lessons to help students use the Home Energy Saver -- an online tool for identifying energy use and calculating potential savings in homes and other buildings...  (Department of Energy)

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