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911 Materials for Teachers links to websites that provide lessons and primary documents for teaching about September 11, 2001. Learn how ordinary people acted in extraordinary ways that day. Explore connections...  (Multiple Agencies)
Remembrance: Teaching September 11 reviews websites for teaching about September 11, 2001. Find 911 reports, documents, and a digital archive; lessons and learning activities; teacher reflections on 911; information...  (National History Education Clearinghouse, supported by Department of Education) provides lessons, teaching guides, best practices, and other resources for teaching history. See videos on "what is historical thinking," teaching history in elementary school, and...  (, supported by Department of Education)
Minuteman Missile National Historic Site: Protecting a Legacy of the Cold War tells the story of one of the most significant strategic weapons in U.S. history: the Minuteman ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile). By 1965 there were 1,000 Minuteman ICBMs...  (National Park Service, Teaching with Historic Places)
September 11: Bearing Witness to History offers objects, images, and personal stories from September 11: a stairwell sign and tourist souvenirs from the World Trade Center, a Pentagon rescuer's uniform, a Pentagon locator...  (National Museum of American History, supported by Smithsonian Institution)
9/11 Commemorations and Information is a first stop for finding government information related to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Find national memorials in New York City, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C...  (General Services Administration)
Napoleon Interactive Battlefield Simulator tests your battle strategy. Watch video clips on the battles of Lodi, Austerlitz and Waterloo. Historically, a Major Allied Victory was the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo. If you...  (PBS, supported by National Endowment for the Humanities)
Veterans History Project is collecting oral histories, letters, diaries, and photos of America's war veterans and those supported them. The project includes participants in World War I, World War II, and the...  (Library of Congress)
Harry Truman and Independence, Missouri: features the home and story of our thirty-third President. Upon returning home after World War I, Truman married his childhood sweetheart, started a clothing store that failed, and...  (National Park Service, Teaching with Historic Places)
Korea: The Unfinished War examines the "forgotten war" that almost led to World War III. When communist troops of North Korea crossed the 38th parallel on June 25, 1950, the U.S. and later the U.N. joined...  (Minnesota Public Radio and American RadioWorks, supported by National Endowment for the Humanities)
Reporting America at War explores the role of journalists in covering America's wars. The website, companion to a PBS documentary, offers a teachers guide with lessons on press censorship, message control...  (Insignia Films and WETA, supported by National Endowment for the Humanities)
The Price of Freedom: Americans at War features a timeline of America's wars, from the Revolution to Iraq. Watch an interactive presentation on each war -- slideshows and movies, text and photos, and dozens of artifacts...  (National Museum of American History, supported by Smithsonian Institution)
Raid on Deerfield: the Many Stories of 1704 tells the story that began when 300 French and Native allies invaded the English settlement of Deerfield, MA. They captured 112 Deerfield men, women, and children, whom they marched...  (Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association (PVMA), supported by Multiple Agencies)
Experiencing War (Voices of War): Stories from the Veterans History Project is the companion website for a book from the Veterans History Project. Video interviews, photos, and letters relate war through the eyes of 60 veterans and civilians. Stories are...  (Library of Congress)
September 11, 2001, Documentary Project captures eyewitness accounts, reactions, and opinions of people in the months after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and United Airlines Flight 93. This...  (Library of Congress)
Witness and Response: September 11 Acquisitions presents photos, prints, eye-witness accounts, headlines, books, magazines, songs, maps, and videotapes related to September 11, 2001. Photos of ground zero taken during and after the...  (Library of Congress)
Veterans Day features a teachers guide that suggests classroom activities and provides information about organizing a school assembly, the Veterans History Project, the history of Veterans Day...  (Department of Veterans Affairs)
The United States Enters the Korean Conflict features President Truman's statement, on June 27, 1950, announcing his order to send U.S. air and naval forces to help defend South Korea. Also included are teaching suggestions and...  (National Archives and Records Administration)
Crucible of Empire: The Spanish-American War examines the 1898 war with Spain, which steered the U.S. toward becoming a world power. Learn about Teddy Roosevelt, the Rough Riders, and the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine. Find a...  (South Carolina ETV, supported by National Endowment for the Humanities)
1897 Petition Against the Annexation of Hawaii recounts the struggle for control of Hawaii between native Hawaiians and American business interests in the late 1800s. This 1897 petition and a lobbying effort by native Hawaiians...  (National Archives and Records Administration)
From the Home Front and the Front Lines consists of original materials and oral histories drawn from the Veterans History Project, which collects and preserves the experiences of America's war veterans and those who...  (Library of Congress)
Smithsonian: History and Culture examines the history of transportation in America, early history of mail service, the Civil War, West Point, profiles of U.S. presidents, Lakota "winter counts," Lewis and Clark as...  (Smithsonian Institution)
9-11-01 Remembrance offers firsthand accounts of September 11 by National Park Service employees. It includes interviews and photos from a dozen sites, including the Statue of Liberty, Washington, D.C....  (National Park Service)
9/11 Commission Records provides official documents from the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States. Congress created the "9/11 Commission," as it was called, to provide a "full and...  (National Archives and Records Administration)
Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site offers lessons on initial battles of the U.S.-Mexican War. Topics include key individuals in the war, regular soldiers and volunteers, uniforms, war medicine, "debating the boundary,"...  (National Park Service)
The U.S.-Mexican War is an online companion to a PBS documentary about the war, its background, and consequences. It features references, a timeline, a bulletin board public discussion, and is available...  (KERA, supported by National Endowment for the Humanities)
The Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures features films and actualities taped in the U.S., Cuba, and Philippines showing troops, ships, notable figures, and parades, as well as reenactments of battles and other wartime...  (Library of Congress)
The Battle of Horseshoe Bend: Collisions of Cultures looks at the decisive battle of the Creek War (1813-1814), where Andrew Jackson fought 1,000 American Indian warriors who were trying to regain autonomy. It examines the history of...  (National Park Service, Teaching with Historic Places)
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo presents documents pertaining to the treaty that brought an official end to the Mexican-American War. Materials for teachers and links to other resources accompany the documents...  (National Archives and Records Administration)
Fort Hancock: A Bastion of America's Eastern Seaboard is a lesson that uses this fort, built in the late 1800s to defend New York Harbor, as the basis for examining issues in U.S. defense policy and military preparedness during that time...  (National Park Service, Teaching with Historic Places)
VA Kids offers information about America's veterans, the U.S. flag, the history of veterans day, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. It includes a resource guide for teachers, as well as...  (Department of Veterans Affairs)

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