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Artsedge helps artists, teachers, and students find and share information , resources, and ideas that support the arts as a core subject area in the K-12 curriculum. The site offers a daily...  (The Kennedy Center, supported by Department of Education)
The Collection of the National Gallery of Art is the homepage for one of the finest art collections in the world, illustrating major achievements in painting, sculpture, and graphic arts from the Middle Ages to today. Visitors can...  (National Gallery of Art)
Art for the Nation: Collecting for a New Century offers 14 in-depth studies of works by various artists represented in the National Gallery of Art. The studies include information on the artist, technique, and history behind each...  (National Gallery of Art)
NGAKids features child-focused stories, activities, and information on the Gallery's collections. Visitors can explore the nuances of Jacques-Louis David's famous Napoleon in His Study...  (National Gallery of Art)
NGA Classroom offers studies, brochures, and classroom activities for some of the Gallery's most intriguing exhibitions. Get lesson ideas for how to teach Mary Cassatt's "Little Girl in a Blue...  (National Gallery of Art)
Art Zone invites children of all ages to design a virtual mobile; create a collage, painting, or a geometric sculpture online; design and texturize 3-dimensional shapes (and see how artists...  (National Gallery of Art)
Palace and Mosque: Islamic Art from the Victoria and Albert Museum is a 64-page booklet on Islamic art -- art produced in lands ruled by Muslim leaders -- after the founding of Islam (7th century) to the peak of the last two great Islamic empires, the...  (National Gallery of Art)
Smithsonian: Art and Design features modern portrait drawings, historical portraits of famous Americans, African and Asian art, modern Japanese prints, works of Latino artists, illustrated manuscripts of Persian...  (Smithsonian Institution)
African American History Month Federal Resources The Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution...  (Library of Congress)
Artistic Exchange: Europe and the Islamic World presents 31 paintings, bowls, and other objects that illustrate the Islamic world's influence on European art. Elements of Islamic art are identified in each of the European pieces...  (National Gallery of Art)
Search the National Gallery of Art lets you search the Gallery's collection by artist, title, style, medium, keyword or phrase for teaching resources, and more than 25 themes—allegory, animal, landscape, magic...  (National Gallery of Art)
Origins of American Animation offers 21 animated films and 2 fragments, which span the years 1900 to 1921. The films include clay, puppet, and cut-out animation, as well as pen drawings. They point to a...  (Library of Congress)
The Italian Cabinet Galleries contains paintings and precious objects similar to those found in the private chambers or studies of Italian Renaissance princes, humanists or wealthy merchants. Most small finely...  (National Gallery of Art)
Political Cartoons Illustrating Progressivism and the Election of 1912 offers teaching activities, four political cartoons, and a narrative about reforms proposed by three major presidential candidates in 1912: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft...  (National Archives and Records Administration)
By the People, For the People: Posters from the WPA, 1936-1943 is a collection of 900 boldly colored and graphically diverse posters produced as part of FDR's New Deal. These striking silkscreens, lithographs, and woodcuts were created to...  (Library of Congress)
The Quilt Index is a hub of information on American quilts and quilt-making. It now features images and documentation for hundreds of quilts from Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, and Illinois. An...  (MATRIX, Michigan State University, supported by National Endowment for the Humanities)
Dan Flavin: A Retrospective looks at works and the life of an artist whose career-long exploration of light established him as a progenitor and chief exponent of minimalism. His use of fluorescent light is...  (National Gallery of Art)
Shaker Crafts from the Index of American Design presents six objects that show simplicity of form and harmony among parts, two principles of Shaker craftsmanship...  (National Gallery of Art)
Thirty-Five Years at Crown Point Press tours the achievements of a community studio that coincided with an increase of interest in collaborative printmaking among painters, sculptors, and other artists. It also looks at the...  (National Gallery of Art)
Netherlandish and Spanish Altarpieces looks at five paintings commissioned by Ferdinand and Isabel of Spain for Spanish churches or convents. Because they worked for the glory of the monarchy and the Church, the artists...  (National Gallery of Art)
Italian Renaissance Ceramics presents 27 ceramic pieces created in Italy in the 15th to mid 16th centuries...  (National Gallery of Art)
Medieval Metalwork and Enamels features eight pieces that are a part of the decorative arts exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. The works are from different centuries. Each of the object types originally served...  (National Gallery of Art)
Quilts and Quiltmaking in America, 1978-1996 showcases materials from two American Folklife Center collections, the Blue Ridge Parkway Folklife Project Collection (1978) and the "All-American Quilt Contest" sponsored by Coming...  (Library of Congress)
French Renaissance Ceramics tours three 16th century objects made of the rare "Saint-Porchaire" ware, which is recognized by its richly patterned layer of colorful paste decoration inlaid into a "clay skin." Read...  (National Gallery of Art)
Textiles from the Index of American Design presents rugs, quilts, and coverlets made by American women in the 18th and 19th centuries, articles made by professional weavers, and fabrics produced by textile mills in America's...  (National Gallery of Art)
Pottery from the Index of American Design shows the variety of pottery made in America in the 18th and 19th centuries. Pottery making was among the earliest of American crafts...  (National Gallery of Art)

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