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Windows to the Universe explores the Earth, planets of our solar system, and the universe. It includes images, animations, and data sets, and information about books, movies, scientists, and myths...  (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
U.S. Antarctic Program aims to understand the world's coldest, windiest, driest, and harshest continent -- its ecosystems and its effects on global processes such as climate. Read breaking news from a...  (National Science Foundation)
Portals to the World is a starting point for studying other countries and parts of the world. Learn about the culture, economy, geography, government, history, languages, politics, religions, and other...  (Library of Congress)
U.S. South Pole Station offers a multimedia look at research underway on earth's coldest, highest, driest, and windiest continent -- and the least hospitable to human life. Find out what makes the South Pole...  (National Science Foundation)
Climate provides lessons, video clips, and interactive resources for learning about the Antarctic Ice Sheet, research in Antarctica, the carbon cycle, the difference between weather and...  (Teachers' Domain, supported by Multiple Agencies)
Arctic and Antarctic looks at research being conducted in the two polar regions of earth. These vast, icy, inhospitable environments provide "natural laboratories" for scientists to study basic questions...  (National Science Foundation)
Ice Stories: Dispatches from Polar Scientists features photos, blogs, and webcasts of penguin biologists, glaciologists, cosmologists, geologists, and marine scientists working in Antarctica and the Arctic. They're documenting...  (Exploratorium, supported by National Science Foundation)
Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears is a new online magazine to help elementary school teachers develop their knowledge of the Arctic and Antarctica and organize science and literacy instruction around polar themes. The...  (Ohio State University, supported by National Science Foundation)
Polar Sciences Collection provides lessons for studying Antarctica and the Arctic, and topics related to them. Learn about ecosystems, ice sheets, global warming, earth as a system, and earth's albedo...  (Teachers' Domain, supported by Multiple Agencies)
Study of Place offers two online science units for middle-school students. Antarctic Exploration tells the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton's 1914 expedition to Antarctica and how, when his ship...  (TERC, supported by National Science Foundation)
Arctic Studies Center provides resources on museum exhibitions, including Viking expeditions, the Kennewick man controversy, masks and dances of the various Indian groups, and native animals...  (National Museum of Natural History, supported by Smithsonian Institution)
MaudNESS Cruise tells the story of a 56-day cruise into the Southern Ocean (Antarctic) to learn about conditions and events that cause ocean circulation, a key factor in setting the climate around the...  (National Science Foundation)
Teachers Experiencing Antarctic and the Arctic explores the lives and activities of teachers who were selected to travel to the Antarctic and the Arctic to participate in ongoing research projects...  (Rice University, supported by National Science Foundation)

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