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Department of Labor: 7 Resources

BioWorksU introduces students to life science careers. It is set in a virtual university and uses games, experiments, and simulations to show jobs at a range of locations -- a nurse's station...  (Department of Labor)
BLS Career Information is a place where kids can find information on job opportunities related to the arts, math, science, physical education and outdoors, reading, and social studies. The site also offers...  (Department of Labor)
Competency Model Clearinghouse presents "competency models" -- collections of competencies that together define successful performance in particular work settings -- for more than a dozen industries. Industries...  (Department of Labor)
Entrepreneurship Competency Model identifies personal, academic, general workplace, and entrepreneurial competencies needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. It is one of more than a dozen industry-based competency models...  (Department of Labor)
ILAB's Entrepreneurship Materials and Educational Resources provides curricula on entrepreneurship in several languages. Curricula focus on helping individuals in developing countries learn how to start their own businesses, helping women...  (Department of Labor)
Mine Safety and Health Administration Kid's Page helps students, parents, and teachers understand how to prevent accidents at operating and abandoned mines. The site tells why mines are important and how minerals are essential to...  (Department of Labor)
YouthRules! looks at issues surrounding teen safety on the job, child labor, minimum wage, sweat shops, and more...  (Department of Labor)
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