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National Park Service: 101 Resources

9-11-01 Remembrance offers firsthand accounts of September 11 by National Park Service employees. It includes interviews and photos from a dozen sites, including the Statue of Liberty, Washington, D.C....  (National Park Service)
A New Lease on Life explains how objects such as a letter written by Abe Lincoln and a dress worn by Lady Bird Johnson's are preserved to ensure safety while on exhibit in a museum. The site looks at...  (National Park Service)
Alcatraz Island is home to one of the world’s most infamous prisons. From the 1930s to 1960s, Alcatraz was the premier maximum security prison, housing inmates such as Al Capone and George "Machine...  (National Park Service)
Along the Georgia-Florida Coast is a travel itinerary of historic sites that help us understand key developments in America's past: encounters between Europeans and Native Americans, European settlement, plantation...  (National Park Service)
American Revolutionary War: Morristown National Historic Park describes the mansion and environs where General Washington and his aides were headquartered for 200 days. It was here in the Ford Mansion that he met with officers, scouts, spies...  (National Park Service)
American Southwest presents a travel itinerary of 58 historic places across Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. It includes forts built to protect mail routes and settlers, missions and churches...  (National Park Service)
American Visionaries: Frederick Douglass features items owned by the famous abolitionist, human rights and women's rights activist, orator, author, journalist, publisher, and social reformer. The site consists of enlargeable...  (National Park Service)
American Visionaries: Thomas Moran features paintings and sketches of the noted American landscape painter. Moran's pencil and watercolor field sketches and paintings captured the grandeur and documented the...  (National Park Service)
Archeology for Interpreters, A Guide to the Knowledge of the Resource can help students learn about archeological methods and how archeological interpretations are made. It is organized around questions that include: What is archeology? What do...  (National Park Service)
Ashland, Oregon -- From Stagecoach to Center Stage highlights 32 historic places in this community located 14 miles north of California at the foot of Mt. Ashland. These places together illustrate the development of Ashland from a...  (National Park Service)
Asian-Pacific Heritage Month provides information about the historical contributions of Asian and Pacific peoples in the U.S. and territories. It includes links to Pacific Islander heritage and Asian American...  (National Park Service)
Aviation: From Sand Dunes to Sonic Booms features 100 aircraft, airfields, research labs, military installations, battle sites, launch facilities, and other places that tell about people and events that made the U.S. a world...  (National Park Service)
Baltimore: A National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary provides an online tour of residential, commercial, industrial, and religious locations spanning more than 2 centuries of history. Through maps, descriptions, and photographs of...  (National Park Service)
Bears of Yellowstone, Yellowstone Electronic Field Trip presents 40 photos of grizzlies and black bears fishing, traveling with their cubs, and in various other activities and habitats...  (National Park Service)
Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site's Learning Page examines the people and construction of Bent's Fort, and the Santa Fe Trail. Built originally in 1833, this adobe fort became a center of trade with Indians and trappers. For much of...  (National Park Service)
Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site features Monroe Elementary, the school attended in 1950 by third grader Linda Brown. Because she was black, Brown was barred from attending a white school much closer to her home...  (National Park Service)
Cabrillo National Monument: Cabrillo as Classroom describes several classroom resources about the monument near San Diego, CA. Featured is the "Cabrillo Tidepool Study," a 4-week on-line unit designed for students at the 5th grade...  (National Park Service)
Camp Life: Civil War Collections from Gettysburg features photographs and text from three exhibits: living in a camp, existing day to day, and battling boredom...  (National Park Service)
Campaign for Vicksburg, 1863 describes the effort of the Union Army of Tennessee to capture Vicksburg, Mississippi. Taking Vicksburg was the key to ending the Civil War. It was the key to regaining control of...  (National Park Service)
Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) was an American poet, historian, and folklorist. He won the Pulitzer Prize for this biography of Lincoln and a second for his poetry. His family’s home in...  (National Park Service)
Carlsbad Caverns National Park is the website of this park in the Guadalupe Mountains (New Mexico) that contains 86 known caves, including Carlsbad Cavern, home of one of the world's largest underground chambers...  (National Park Service)
Celebrate Hispanic American Month highlights publications, properties listed in the National Register, and National Parks related to the creativity, culture, and political experiences of Hispanic Americans...  (National Park Service)
Central Vermont: Explore History in the Heart of the Green Mountains explores Central Vermont's history using 43 historic places that recall past eras when numerous small villages grew slowly until the coming of the railroad, which resulted in a period...  (National Park Service)
Chaco Culture National Historical Park presents artifacts from the Chaco Canyon, an area of the Colorado Plateau occupied by Native Americans for over 10,000 years. Images of pottery, ceramics, beads, pendants...  (National Park Service)
Civil War Archeology: Investigating the Battles of Wilson's Creek and Pea Ridge examines archeological techniques used to explore these two battle sites. These battles, fought in Missouri and Arkansas in 1861 and 1862, helped keep Missouri in the Union and set...  (National Park Service)
Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System is a database of over 6 million soldiers and sailors who served on both sides of the Civil War. Search by name, state, unit, or function. See descriptions of 384 significant battles...  (National Park Service)
Cultural Resource Management is an online magazine of the National Park Service. The site contains every issue, available in pdf format, from its beginnings as a quarterly 1978 to monthly plus supplements today...  (National Park Service)
Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor features 46 historic places along a 150-mile stretch from Bristol to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of the anthracite coal industry. This National Register of Historic...  (National Park Service)
Detroit: A National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary exhibits residential, recreational, commercial, industrial, and religious locations to create an online tour of the city. The itinerary features 39 properties in the National Register...  (National Park Service)
Discover Atlanta, Georgia is a travel itinerary of 70 places that tell the story of Atlanta -- its picturesque homes and skyscrapers, tales of former slaves, educators, authors, and millionaires who shaped it...  (National Park Service)
Discover: Presidential Log Cabins is a set of materials designed to help 6th to 8th grade students learn about the significance of three log cabin sites occupied by four of our nation's greatest leaders. Through these...  (National Park Service)
Discovering the Mysteries of Bryce Canyon National Park offers electronic field trips that combine live broadcasts and web resources to explore the geology and paleontological resources of Utah's Bryce Canyon National Park. Students are...  (National Park Service)
Early History of the California Coast is a travel itinerary that highlights 45 historic places that help tell the story of Spanish colonization of California. Learn about forts, churches, adobe houses, historic districts...  (National Park Service)
Educator's Guide, Vicksburg National Military Park is a guide for teachers taking their students to the site of the important Civil War campaign. The guide brings to bear the viewpoints of the arts, language arts, mathematics, science...  (National Park Service)
Effigy Mounds National Monument Teacher's Guide provides more than 40 lesson ideas developed by teachers to help students learn about Eastern Woodland Native Americans who lived in the upper Mississippi River valley (southwestern...  (National Park Service)
Eisenhower Home Virtual Tour walks students through the house that was the only place President Eisenhower and his wife ever called home. In 1950, the Eisenhowers, looking forward to retirement, purchased the...  (National Park Service)
Eleanor Roosevelt: American Visionary features photos and artifacts from the life of one of the most dynamic and controversial First Ladies in U.S. history. She was the first First Lady to hold regular press conferences...  (National Park Service)
Environmental Education offers activities for elementary students and families visiting Lake Mead National Recreation Area to learn about desert plants, animals, food chains, and "communities" in the Mojave...  (National Park Service)
Ethnographic Program provides a map linked to nearly 60 national park sites and resources that emphasize the role of African Americans in the development of American culture, heritage, and history. Each...  (National Park Service)
Everglades Educational Resources provides classroom activities, resources for teachers, a list of current articles, links to recommended readings, and field guides about Everglades National Park. It also tells how to...  (National Park Service)
Explore the West with the Lewis and Clark Expedition is a travel itinerary of 41 forts, Indian villages, mounds, mountain passes, trails, caves, and other sites along the 8,000-mile journey. The expedition -- launched from St. Charles...  (National Park Service)
Fire Management, Everglades National Park describes how fire is used to maintain the biological diversity and natural processes of the pineland, prairie, and other ecosystems of the Everglades that are shaped by the...  (National Park Service)
Florida Shipwrecks: 300 Years of Maritime History is a travel itinerary featuring 13 historic shipwrecks in waters near Florida, a convergence point for maritime trade routes. Learn about the historical significance of these 13...  (National Park Service)
Gettysburg Battlefield -- Virtual Tour describes with photos and text the three-day battle that marked the turning point in the Civil War. The site gives detailed descriptions of each day of the battle and further texts...  (National Park Service)
Grant-Kohrs Ranch commemorates America's frontier cattle era. The ranch—located north of Yellowstone in Deer Lodge, Montana—is among the best surviving examples of an economic strategy based on the...  (National Park Service)
Guilford Courthouse National Military Park describes weapons, medicine, food, leisure hours, and the role of women in the Revolutionary War. It also examines the battle that was the largest of the Southern Campaign and that...  (National Park Service)
Hardin County, Iowa presents 26 historic places—barns, civic buildings, churches, railroad depots, schools, and libraries—that depict the history of this county, known as the "Heart of the Heartland."...  (National Park Service)
Historic Charleston's Religious and Community Buildings explores Charleston's heritage by examining 42 historic places. More than 300 years of history are covered, including the Walled City of the British colony, the growth of the shipping...  (National Park Service)
Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement shows 41 churches, houses, and other properties related largely to the post-World War II civil rights movement. The links to these properties consist of photographs and texts, and the...  (National Park Service)
Independence National Historic Park presents portraits and descriptions of Nathanael Greene, Alexander Hamilton, John Paul Jones, George Washington, and more than two dozen other battlefield heroes of the American...  (National Park Service)
Indian Mounds of Mississippi is a guide to these mounds, built between 100 B.C. and 1700 A.D. to bury important members of tribes and to serve as platforms for temples or residences of chiefs. This website...  (National Park Service)
Journey Through Hallowed Ground: Travel through Virginia's Piedmont visits 65 historic places along 75 miles of Route 15 in Virginia's Piedmont. Stops include homes of Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe; sites of some of the bloodiest battles in the...  (National Park Service)
Journeys to Alaska is a 20-activity electronic field trip to Alaska. It covers geology, ecosystems, physics, history, and social studies...  (National Park Service)
Just for Kids! at Yellowstone National Park offers a scavenger hunt of the Yellowstone National Park's website, online and printer-friendly coloring books, and an area where children can test their knowledge about our first...  (National Park Service)
Kid's Korner at Tumacácori National Historical Park is a site where children can learn about customs and games of the first Europeans who came to southern Arizona and the native people who lived there in the 1600s. The site includes...  (National Park Service)
Knife River Indian Villages -- Teachers Guide offers information and activities about the American Indians of the Northern Plains who lived in the area of the Knife River where it enters the Missouri. This area is now Knife River...  (National Park Service)
LearnNPS links educational programs to over fifty national parks, monuments, historic sites, and so forth, of the National Park Service. Information at the sites range from general visitor...  (National Park Service)
Legends of Tuskegee links to three sites that look at the achievements and impact of Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, and the Tuskegee Airmen. In addition to general historical information...  (National Park Service)
Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail provides information about activities and education programs related to the 3,700-mile trail that the Corps of Discovery traveled. Most of the trail follows the Missouri and Columbia...  (National Park Service)
Lexington, Kentucky: The Athens of the West highlights 29 places that illustrate the transformation of the city from a small frontier post during the Revolutionary War into a center of economic, intellectual, and political...  (National Park Service)
Manassas Battlefield History recounts two Civil War battles fought in Manassas, Virginia. The first battle marked the first clash of the Northern and Southern armies. As the battle approached, enthusiastic young...  (National Park Service)
Maritime History of Massachusetts is a travel itinerary highlighting 89 historic places that tell the story of Massachusetts' relationship with the sea. Read essays about lighthouses and lifesaving stations, ships and...  (National Park Service)
Martin Luther King, Jr., National Historic Site features Atlanta's Auburn Avenue, the neighborhood where the civil rights leader was born and raised. "Sweet Auburn," as it came to be called, became the center of African American...  (National Park Service)
More Than Skin Deep, A Teacher's Guide to Caves provides information and activities about the biology of caves, how caves and stalactites form, how bats and birds differ, and more. The site is designed for students planning to...  (National Park Service)
National Mall and Memorial Parks provides information about the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, Ford's Theatre, the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, the...  (National Park Service)
National Mall App provides maps, walking directions, news, events, and information on the various sites on the National Mall in Washington, DC. The Park Lens feature uses augmented reality to show you...  (National Park Service)
National Register Travel Itineraries can help families explore historic places in the U.S. Each itinerary describes historic places and their importance, and provides maps, photos, and tourist information. Find...  (National Park Service)
Nile of the New World: Lower Mississippi River Valley features stories and resources to help students learn about the heritage of this diverse region. Stories form a picture of the Delta's natural, historic, and cultural resources, and...  (National Park Service)
NPS Archeology: Research in the Parks invites us to discover the resources in our national parks through the eyes of archeologists. Click on the map of states to explore more than 120 national parks and monuments. Learn...  (National Park Service)
Ohio and Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor is a travel itinerary of 50 houses, farms, churches, historic districts, and other sites. Learn about the first organized American settlement in the Northwest Territory (1772) and the...  (National Park Service)
Our Shared History: African American Heritage tells about the Underground Railroad, African Americans in the Civil War, historic places of the civil rights movement, the Delta blues of the Lower Mississippi Valley, and landmarks...  (National Park Service)
Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site offers lessons on initial battles of the U.S.-Mexican War. Topics include key individuals in the war, regular soldiers and volunteers, uniforms, war medicine, "debating the boundary,"...  (National Park Service)
Park Geology Tour -- Geologic Features offers geologic field notes, maps, and photographs of the national parks. The site is organized around 14 thematic areas, such as fossils, plate tectonics, and volcanoes...  (National Park Service)
Park Histories provides more than 100 articles on historic parks and places, including Big Bend, Bighorn Canyon, Cape Hatteras, Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, Death Valley, Denali, Ford's Theatre, Fort...  (National Park Service)
Petersburg National Battlefield -- Education gives materials for different grade levels to prepare students for field trips to the site of an important Civil War battle south of Richmond, VA. This resource guide is based upon...  (National Park Service)
Pipestone, Minnesota -- National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary features an area in the southwest corner of Minnesota that reflects a rich history of American Indian quarrying, prosperity brought by the railroad and mining enterprises, and a...  (National Park Service)
Places Where Women Made History: A National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary explores 74 sites in Massachusetts and New York associated with women's history. This travel itinerary includes homes of Clara Barton, Emily Dickinson, Harriet Tubman, Susan B...  (National Park Service)
Revolutionary War Timeline describes 125 battles, incidents, advances, and other developments during the Revolutionary War. Descriptions are brief (often one sentence) and presented chronologically over the...  (National Park Service)
Santa Clara County, California's Historic Silicon Valley features 28 historic places that illustrate how this fertile valley blossomed from small agricultural towns linked by railroad into a center of technological innovation. Located south...  (National Park Service)
Sea Change: Gulf Islands National Seashore offers an "electronic field trip" on March 1, 2011, and a website of interactive games, lesson plans, and more to help students in Grades 4-8 learn firsthand how science is used to...  (National Park Service)
Seattle: A National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary explores the city's history and shows how it continues to shape the city's life today. It uses residential, commercial, industrial, and religious locations to create a tour of 37...  (National Park Service)
Shaker Historic Trail presents 15 places that together reveal the legacy of one of the most compelling religious and social movements in American life. Three essays trace the growth of the United Society...  (National Park Service)
Ships and Piers, San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park presents photos and stories of several of the park's collection of 100 of schooners, ferryboats, tugs, and other traditional and significant small boats...  (National Park Service)
Symbols in Battle: Civil War Flags in NPS Collections is a collection of historic battle flags that were carried by Southern and Northern military units during the Civil War. The site describes how these flags were designed to identify...  (National Park Service)
Teacher's Corner at Badlands National Park is a guide to visiting the South Dakota park and to a series of classroom activities that teach about the park...  (National Park Service)
Teacher's Guide to Craters of the Moon provides lesson ideas for learning about the geology, history, and ecology of this national park near Arco, Idaho. A high school unit on "Managing Critical Resources at Craters of the...  (National Park Service)
Teacher's Guide to Independence National Historical Park helps teachers plan a trip to see Independence Hall, Congress Hall, Old City Hall, the Liberty Bell, the First and Second Banks of the U.S., Franklin Court, and other historic...  (National Park Service)
The Amana Colonies looks at the historic utopian society established in the 1850s along the Iowa River by German-speaking settlers from a religious group known as the Community of True Inspiration. The...  (National Park Service)
The Chihuahuan Desert Lab On-Line Manual is a comprehensive program designed to enhance high school science, math and technology studies by involving students in monitoring natural resources in Carlsbad Caverns and Guadalupe...  (National Park Service)
The Everglades Ecosystem: Everglades National Park looks at the habitats, animals and endangered species of the Everglades, as well as water management ("the critical issue for the Everglades"). It also examines threats to what remains...  (National Park Service)
The Golden Crescent, Crossroads of Florida and Georgia examines the cultural history of the Atlantic Coast from Savannah to Cape Canaveral and inland toward Tallahassee. Maps, texts, and pictures illustrate the area's transformations...  (National Park Service)
The Influences of Art on Yellowstone features paintings, photos, and drawings, many of which contributed to the creation of the nation's first national park. The waterfalls, geysers, rock formations, and vistas in these...  (National Park Service)
The Lewis and Clark Journey of Discovery provides games, quizzes, profiles of members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and lesson ideas and teacher resources...  (National Park Service)
Three Historic Nevada Cities: Carson City, Reno, Virginia City tells the stories of three cities established after the Comstock Lode discovery in 1859 brought a "reverse migration" from California. The stories, told by this travel itinerary of 57...  (National Park Service)
Traveling the National Road tells the story of the first road built with federal funds. Construction of the 632-mile road from Cumberland, Maryland, to Vandalia, Illinois, began in 1811. The aim was to improve...  (National Park Service)
Valley Forge looks at the campsite that marked a turning point in the American Revolution. By 1777, General Washington had suffered more defeats than victories. He sought a winter campsite that...  (National Park Service)
Washington DC: A Guide to the Historic Neighborhoods and Monuments of Our Nation's Capital identifies 96 historic places that bring the 200-year history of our nation's capital to life. Learn about famous national landmarks -- the Mall, Capitol Building, White House -- and...  (National Park Service)
White Sands National Monument Fact Sheets is a resource page about one of the world's great natural wonders -- the glistening white sands of New Mexico. These sands rise from the heart of the Tularosa basin, which is located...  (National Park Service)
Whitman Mission National Historic Site -- The Learning Place offers a teaching guide about the mission of Marcus and Narcissa Whitman at Waiilatpu, an important way station in the early days of the Oregon Trail. The Whitmans labored to bring...  (National Park Service)
Wildlife Management Activity Guide for Teachers presents learning activities developed by teachers to help high school students learn about wildlife management on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan...  (National Park Service)
Women's History Month showcases historic properties that illustrate contributions of women to our nation's history. Harriet Beecher Stowe, Eleanor Ford, Amelia Earhart, Mary McLeod Bethune, and are among...  (National Park Service)
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