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Environmental Protection Agency: 17 Resources

Climate Change: EPA provides comprehensive, indepth information about climate change. Learn about the science behind it, greenhouse gas emissions, health and environmental effects, regulatory...  (Environmental Protection Agency)
Drinking Water; Kids' Stuff teaches kids about the importance of safe drinking water through teaching and learning resources such as an activity on how to build your own aquifer, experiments on the water...  (Environmental Protection Agency) celebrates Earth Day, April 22. Choose 5 actions you'll take to protect the environment. Find out about smart commuting, green buildings, and ways to reduce energy use. Learn about...  (Environmental Protection Agency)
Energy Star Kids helps students see where energy comes from, how it is used, and what they can do in their own room to conserve it...  (Environmental Protection Agency)
EnviroMapper Storefront lets kids create their own maps, down to the square mile, anywhere in America, choosing various features -- from water discharges to hazardous waste to roads. The site contains reports...  (Environmental Protection Agency)
Environmental Education contains environmental science resources and is oriented to teachers searching for classroom projects...  (Environmental Protection Agency)
EPA Student Center contains dozens of environmental science resources for students as well as online reference materials...  (Environmental Protection Agency)
EPA's SunWise Program provides activities to teach children (K-8th grade) about the ozone layer, UV radiation, and how to be safe in the sun. Sign up to receive a free activity kit and access to other...  (Environmental Protection Agency)
EPA: Students and Teachers presents teaching and learning resources from the Environmental Protection Agency. The site links to the Environmental Education Center (for teachers), EPA Student Center (for middle...  (Environmental Protection Agency)
EPA: Wastes is a place where students and teachers can order educational materials, activity books and games that help raise awareness about solid waste issues, learn how to gain hands-on...  (Environmental Protection Agency)
Learn About Chemicals Around Your House helps students answer questions about pesticides and toxic chemicals used around the house. It explains how to read labels and what to do in case of an accident. An online "home...  (Environmental Protection Agency)
Polluted Runoff provides lessons and activities for studying how runoff affects streams, how to analyze what's upstream and downstream from your community (watersheds), and how families can reduce...  (Environmental Protection Agency)
Recycle City shows how people are recycling and reusing products across this fictional city. Click on a map to see how the warehouse, landfill, theatre, cafe, service station, supermarket, factory...  (Environmental Protection Agency)
Stanley and Stella Explore the Environment Join Flat Stanley and Flat Stella on adventures to learn about our environment and how we can protect it together. Each story is written to help build reading and science skills and...  (Environmental Protection Agency)
Superfund for Kids introduces children ages 3 and up to the basic concepts of the Superfund program. There are activities, stories, and homework help designed for different age groups...  (Environmental Protection Agency)
Superfund for Students and Teachers contains information about Superfund and hazardous waste for junior high, high school, and college students, and teachers of all grade levels. The site includes classroom activities...  (Environmental Protection Agency)
Watershed Ecology introduces basic watershed ecology concepts. It examines the physical forces that shape watershed ecosystems, plants and animals that inhabit them, typical watershed structures, and...  (Environmental Protection Agency)
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