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Department of Justice: 6 Resources

Cyberethics for Teachers: A Lesson Plan for Teachers of Elementary and Middle School Children looks at issues in the field of computer crime, including predatory behavior and breaking into systems to vandalize and/or steal information and intellectual property. The site also...  (Department of Justice)
Drug Descriptions examines the Controlled Substances Act and provides information on narcotics, depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens, cannabis, steroids, clandestine laboratories, inhalants, drug...  (Department of Justice)
George Washington Appoints First Marshals, 1789 tells the history of the U.S. Marshal service and explains how the Marshals' role in law enforcement has evolved over time...  (Department of Justice)
Get It Straight: The Facts About Drugs is an online prevention book written by kids for kids. It features information about controlled substances and intoxicants, and their effects. The book is helpful as a research tool...  (Department of Justice)
Inside the Courtroom: The Role of the Federal Prosecutor tells how prosecutors are appointed and explains how they carry out their duties.It features a case history, a glossary of legal terms, and descriptions of the duties of other federal...  (Department of Justice)
National Criminal Justice Reference Service provides information and statistics on drugs and crime, law enforcement, juvenile justice, school safety, courts, and other topics related to criminal justice...  (Department of Justice)
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