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Department of Education: 58 Resources

4Teachers helps teachers integrate technology into instruction. It features various tools for teachers: one for creating quizzes that students can take online, another for organizing and...  (Department of Education)
9/11 and the Constitution provides four Constitution Day lessons that explore who we are as Americans. Students examine principles in the Declaration of Independence and Preamble to the Constitution, evaluate...  (Department of Education)
African American History Month features more than 60 resources related to African American history. See photos and historic places from the civil rights movement. Learn about Frederick Douglass, the Harlem...  (Department of Education)
America's Career Resource Network provides career development guidelines and resources to help students identify career directions and related education programs. A "career decision-making tool" walks students through...  (Department of Education)
Artsedge helps artists, teachers, and students find and share information , resources, and ideas that support the arts as a core subject area in the K-12 curriculum. The site offers a daily...  (Department of Education)
Between the Lions is based on the PBS children's TV series, and presents a new story each week with related interactive games and activities for kids 4-7. It also recommends books for each episode and...  (Department of Education)
Captured Wisdom in Middle School presents stories about successful teaching in middle school. Learn how an e-mail list helped students write better historical fiction, or how fifth-grade students planned a virtual...  (Department of Education)
Captured Wisdom on Adult Literacy is a series of stories about adult literacy teaching success. In one story, adults learning English use the Internet to find pictures and information about their home country for...  (Department of Education)
Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition offers units, lessons, and classroom tasks for teachers of French, German, and Spanish. A virtual assessment center and a handbook are designed to help world language teachers with...  (Department of Education)
Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education provides inquiry-based activities and collaborative projects in science and math. Topics include real-time weather and climate data, air pollution, remote sensing data, the Gulf...  (Department of Education)
Colorín Colorado is designed for parents and teachers who are helping Spanish-speaking children learn to read in English. Find activities to help children learn about sounds, letters, and words. Use...  (Department of Education)
Create a Graph helps students create their own graphs and charts. This online tool can be used to make five kinds of charts and graphs: bar graphs, line graphs, area graphs, pie charts, and XY...  (Department of Education)
Dare to Compare invites you to test your knowledge against students nationally and around the world. Pick a grade and subject: civics, economics, geography, history, math, or science...  (Department of Education)
Disability Studies for Teachers offers lesson plans and essays on "disability studies" -- the examination of disability as a social, cultural, and political phenomenon. Among the topics: a history of deaf...  (Department of Education)
Dr. Billy Taylor, a Conversation on Jazz presents excerpts from four lectures by Billy Taylor -- a noted jazz pianist, historian, and educator. He discussed jazz from its roots in the African-American slavery experience...  (Department of Education)
Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins: Geography is a booklet parents can use to explore with children (ages 2-5) key geographical concepts—location, regions, movement, and others...  (Department of Education)
Emergency Planning for Schools is a one-stop website offering information that can help school leaders plan for any emergency, including natural disasters, violent incidents, and terrorist acts. Excerpts from a...  (Department of Education)
Federal Court Concepts introduces students to the U.S. federal court system. It describes the structure of the federal courts, the kinds of cases that federal courts hear, the Supreme Court, and how federal...  (Department of Education)
Financial Aid for Students is a place you can find help for every state of the financial aid process, whether you're in school or out of school. The site helps you apply for financial aid over the Internet and...  (Department of Education)
From Silk to Oil: Cross-Cultural Connections Along the Silk Roads is a curriculum guide for exploring China's inner Asian frontier and one of the world's oldest and most important trade routes. The 350-page guide features five independent sections...  (Department of Education)
Gift of the Indus: The Arts and Culture of Pakistan introduces teenagers to the music, theater, dance, and visual arts of Pakistan. See video clips of calligraphers, dancers, and other artists. Hear sitars, tablas, and "qawwali" --...  (Department of Education)
Helping Your Child Become a Reader offers dozens of activities families may use to help young children learn the alphabet, play with rhymes, "read" picture books, act out poems, predict what happens next in stories...  (Department of Education)
Helping Your Child Become a Responsible Citizen describes what "strong character" means and how parents can help children develop it. The booklet includes 18 activities, chapters on "dealing with media pressures" and working with...  (Department of Education)
Helping Your Child Learn History offers activities parents can use to help young children (preschool through Grade 5) learn about history. It includes suggestions about how parents can work with teachers and schools...  (Department of Education)
Helping Your Child Learn Math features dozens of fun activities parents can use to help children (K-5th grade) have fun learning geometry, algebra, measurement, statistics, probability and other important...  (Department of Education)
Helping Your Child Learn Science offers a dozen fun learning activities parents can use at home to help children (ages 3-10) learn about bubbles, bugs, surface tension, adhesives, friction (using gelatin), volume...  (Department of Education)
Helping Your Child with Homework tells how parents can make sure children succeed with homework and develop strong study skills. Among the topics: setting a regular time and place for homework, removing...  (Department of Education)
Helping Your Preschool Child offers fun activities for parents to use during everyday routines to help babies, toddlers, and preschoolers develop skills needed for success in school and life. The booklet also...  (Department of Education)
Improving Adolescent Literacy: Effective Classroom and Intervention Practices provides five recommendations to improve literacy among adolescents in the upper elementary, middle, and high school grades. The guide is designed for teachers and personnel who work...  (Department of Education)
Integrating Mathematics, Science and Language: An Instructional Program is a bilingual curriculum and resources guide and is designed to help elementary school teachers organize instruction to increase achievement of Hispanic primary-grade children whose...  (Department of Education)
InTime offers 400 video vignettes of pre K-12 teachers using technology in language arts, math, science, and other instruction. A conceptual model for analyzing the use of technology in...  (Department of Education)
Knowing Poe introduces us to the life, works, and writing techniques of Edgar Allan Poe. Learn about point of view in "The Cask of Amontillado." See Poe's edits in subsequent versions of "The...  (Department of Education)
Language Resource Centers is a gateway to 15 centers that support foreign language instruction in the U.S. Led by nationally and internationally recognized language professionals, the centers create...  (Department of Education)
LGBT Youth: School Experiences on includes resources and ideas to help educators create more supportive school environments for LGBT youth...  (Department of Education)
Modeling for Understanding in Science Education (MUSE) offers instructional units in earth-moon-sun dynamics and natural selection. These units were produced though a collaborative project involving university researchers, high school...  (Department of Education)
Museums and Learning: A Guide for Family Visits provides basic information about museums and how they relate to learning, and suggests ways to make museum visits enjoyable learning experiences for families with children ranging in...  (Department of Education)
National Capital Language Resource Center features "The Essentials of Language Teaching," an online publication that examines the goals and methods of teaching a foreign language. The publication examines how to plan lessons...  (Department of Education)
National Council on Economic Education links to hundreds of lessons related to financial literacy. The council is a nationwide network that aims to help students develop the real-life skills needed for success as...  (Department of Education)
National Research Center on English Learning and Achievement (CELA) provides information on what elements of curriculum, instruction, and assessment are essential to developing high literacy and how schools can best help students achieve success...  (Department of Education)
NCES Classroom invites students to create their own graphs, solve a math teaser, play a probability game, or take an online quiz in math or science. Students can find tuition, degree, and program...  (Department of Education)
NY High School Regents Exam Prep Center helps high school students meet the New York State Regents requirements in mathematics, science, and social studies. The site, developed by a team of Oswego County (NY) teachers...  (Department of Education)
Reading Planet is designed to help families and children explore the world of books. It features an annotated list of 1,000 children's books that can be browsed by age group, author, or category...  (Department of Education)
Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers features easy-to-do parent tips, video clips and transcripts from interviews with some of the nation's foremost reading experts, motivational e-cards that grandparents and teachers can...  (Department of Education)
Reading Rockets: National Poetry Month features video interviews with children's poets, a list of resources for learning through poetry, and suggested activities for celebrating National Poetry Month...  (Department of Education)
Reading: Improve Student Performance is a collection of resources for helping all students learn to read well. It includes instructional materials, research reports, and national assessment frameworks and report cards...  (Department of Education) provides teaching strategies, parent tip sheets (11 languages), articles on literacy, interviews with authors and experts, daily reading headlines, a library of web widgets, and other...  (Department of Education)
Remembrance: Teaching September 11 reviews websites for teaching about September 11, 2001. Find 911 reports, documents, and a digital archive; lessons and learning activities; teacher reflections on 911; information...  (Department of Education)
School-Home Links Reading Kit offers four hundred activities for strengthening children's reading and writing skills (one kit for each grade level, kindergarten through 3rd grade). These kits, part of the "Compact...  (Department of Education)
SEAsite offers language instruction materials as well as cultural, political, and social information about countries in Southeast Asia including Thailand, Indonesia, Burma, Vietnam, and the...  (Department of Education)
Seeing Math ™ features a math curriculum, professional development for teachers, and software "interactives." The interactives, available on the web, clarify key algebra concepts. They help...  (Department of Education)
Seeing Math™ Interactives clarify key algebra concepts. They help students see connections between symbolic and graphic representations of quadratic functions, linear functions, piecewise linear functions, and...  (Department of Education)
Sustainable Development Education provides models, curricula, and professional development materials for learning about managing trade-offs between resource use and quality of life. Software is offered to help clarify...  (Department of Education)
Teaching Our Youngest: A Guide for Preschool Teachers and Child Care and Family Providers suggests how to read aloud to children, develop their listening and speaking skills, teach about letters and numbers, and build their background knowledge and thinking skills. The...  (Department of Education) provides lessons, teaching guides, best practices, and other resources for teaching history. See videos on "what is historical thinking," teaching history in elementary school, and...  (Department of Education)
Tips for Parents on Keeping Children Drug Free tells what your children should know about drugs by the time they reach the third grade, ways to help your child stay drug free in the middle and junior high school years, and how to...  (Department of Education)
UCLA Language Materials Project is committed to helping visitors locate teaching and learning materials for less commonly taught languages throughout the world, and makes over 3,500 resources covering 100 languages...  (Department of Education)
We the People... The Citizen and the Constitution helps elementary and secondary school students understand the history and principles of our constitutional government. The program focuses on the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights...  (Department of Education)
Whelmer's presents 20 hands-on science activities intended to capture the imagination and spark curiosity...  (Department of Education)
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