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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: 11 Resources

ABCs to Public Health focuses on the critical role of public health laboratories in protecting the public against diseases and other health hazards. This Centers for Disease Control tool is designed to...  (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Are You a Working Teen? informs working teenagers about their rights and safety responsibilities on the job, hazards they should watch out for, and the laws that protect them from doing dangerous work. It...  (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
BAM! Body and Mind includes a Teacher's Corner with middle school classroom activities based on national education standards for science and health. The site is designed to answer students' questions on...  (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
EXCITE (Teaching Epidemiology) is a collection of teaching materials for teaching students about public health and epidemiology. Materials focus on principles and practices of epidemiology, including the scientific...  (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Healthy Youth offers recommendations to help states, districts, and schools implement health programs and policies that promote healthy behaviors among youth. Recommendations cover topics including...  (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Infectious Diseases offers fact sheets on diseases and selected prevention and program areas. It also provides information on emerging infectious diseases, travelers' health, and more...  (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth Health provides tips and resources for educators and parents to help LGBT youth thrive in their schools and communities...  (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Nutrition and Physical Activity focuses on physical activity and good nutrition. Explore the new food pyramid. Learn about body mass, bone health, cancer, dietary guidelines, fruits and vegetables and weight...  (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Physical Activity and Health, Adolescents and Young Adults outlines key messages and facts about the importance of physical activity for health promotion. The website offers tips for promoting healthy habits and includes information on...  (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Science Ambassador offers lesson plans on issues related to birth defects: fetal alcohol syndrome, hearing loss, vitamins, folic acid, cystic fibrosis, chromosome abnormalities, the bioethics of genetic...  (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Tobacco Information and Prevention Source provides educational materials that help to prevent tobacco use among youth, promote smoking cessation, and protect nonsmokers from environmental tobacco smoke. Visitors can order...  (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
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