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Department of Health and Human Services: 5 Resources

Let's Talk: Runaway Prevention Curriculum is designed to help educate youth about alternatives to running away. It is presented in 14 modules offering lessons to help teachers and community-based organizations lead...  (Department of Health and Human Services)
Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans presents the first-ever physical activity guidelines issued by the federal government. The guidelines describe the types and amounts of physical activity that offer substantial health...  (Department of Health and Human Services)
PREVLINE is a national clearinghouse for alcohol and drug information. It offers fact sheets, video and audio files, news, research briefs, conference calendars, funding opportunities, and a...  (Department of Health and Human Services) Educate About Bullying includes activities to teach students about bullying and incorporate the topic of bullying prevention into lessons...  (Department of Health and Human Services)
The Great Pandemic tells the story of the 1918 outbreak of the Spanish flu, which killed an estimated 675,000 Americans and 30 to 50 million people worldwide. Learn about life in the U.S. in 1918, the...  (Department of Health and Human Services)
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