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Subject Map
U.S. Time Periods
-1607: Three Worlds Meet (23)
1607-1763: Colonization (26)
1763-1815: Revolution (73)
1801-1861: Expansion (84)
1850-1877: Civil War & Reconstruction (101)
1865-1920: Modern America (119)
1914-1945: World Wars (102)
1945-Present: Contemporary America (65)
Other History & Social Studies: U.S. History Time Periods (8)
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U.S. Time Periods » 1945-Present: Contemporary America

Lost and Found Sound

is a call to listeners to send in their home recordings of the last 100 years to be shaped into stories that capture the rituals and sounds of everyday life. For example, the site features lost creation songs from the Mojave people, 20th century wars on tape, and a program on the disappearance of languages. (NPR, National Endowment for the Humanities)

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