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Understanding Taxes

includes lesson plans, tutorials, and role playing simulations to help students from middle school up learn about dozens of topics -- taxpayer rights, the history of taxes, indirect taxes, progressive and proportional taxes, exemptions, dependents, education credits, earned income credit, how taxes influence behavior, the politics of taxes, your first job, and more. It also includes 14 self-paced modules offering a step-by-step approach to tax preparation. (Internal Revenue Service)

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Interesting Fact:

The federal income tax has not always been a part of the American taxation system. Early in our nation's history, the income tax was used only in times of war or national crisis to generate needed revenue. In 1862, Congress passed the first federal income tax law to ease the burden of Civil War debts. This early tax was a progressive tax.
Black and white image of couple working on taxes

The taxpayer's responsibilities

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