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U.S. Time Periods » -1607: Three Worlds Meet

Drake's West Indian Voyage 1588-1589

is a lesson investigating maps of a voyage by Sir Francis Drake that involved attacks on Spanish settlements off the coasts of Africa (Santiago), South America (Cartagena), and North America (St. Augustine). Students examine various maps and draw conclusions about individual events and the entire voyage. (Library of Congress)

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Interesting Fact:

Five years after Sir Francis Drake completed his circumnavigation of the globe (1577-1580), he was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth to lead a fleet of twenty-five ships against the Spanish settlements in the Caribbean. On this punitive expedition, he attacked and plundered Cartagena in Colombia, San Domingo on the island of Hispaniola, and St. Augustine in Florida.
Baptista Boazio (fl. 1588-1606), 'Cartagena [Colombia]', Hand-colored engraving, 1589, Jay I. Kislak Collection

Cartagena (Colombia)

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