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Science » Life Sciences » Genes, Evolution

Evolution and Diversity

provides video clips and interactive resources for learning about classification, evidence for evolution, history of evolution, natural selection, and processes of evolution. Find lessons on Charles Darwin, co-evolution, deep time and the history of life, fossils, how evolution works, how new species evolve, human evolution, molecular evidence for evolution and evolutionary relationships, and the unity of life. (Teachers' Domain, Multiple Agencies)

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Interesting Fact:

Evolution is the change in organisms over time that gives rise to new species. Development is the process by which a fertilized egg, or embryo, generates the cells, tissues, and organs of a new individual and assembles them into their proper form. Evolution produces the body shapes of the animal kingdom; development produces the body plan of individuals.
Homo sapiens, are believed to have held over the more archaic human species, Neanderthals

Homo Sapiens vs. Neaderthals

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