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Understanding Alcohol: Investigations into Biology and Behavior

provides simulations, videos, and lessons on the pharmacokinetics of alcohol, the biological and behavioral effects of alcohol, youth and alcohol, the consequences of alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Lessons focus on body type and a person's response to alcohol, factors that influence alcohol use and abuse, calculation of blood alcohol concentrations, and more. Discover how different doses affect the activity of mice. Experience a simulation of driving while intoxicated. (National Institutes of Health)

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Interesting Fact:

Excessive drinking can harm nearly every organ in the body; however, it is most commonly associated with liver damage. The liver is especially sensitive to the effects of alcohol because it receives blood directly from the intestines, the major site of alcohol absorption. The liver is the primary site of alcohol metabolism, yet a number of the byproducts of this metabolism are toxic to the liver itself.
Police administer sobriety tests to help keep drivers under the influence of alcohol off the road.

Alcohol and driving

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