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Holocaust Memorial Museum: For Students

offers multimedia exhibits filled with artifacts and photos that help students learn about the Holocaust. Topics include Kristallnacht, the St. Louis ocean liner, the rescue of the Jews of Denmark, Oskar Schindler, the Warsaw ghetto uprising, Father Jacques, the dress of Lola Rein, Nazi book burnings, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, America's responses, Arthur Szyk, maps, and children. (Holocaust Memorial Museum)

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Interesting Fact:

Many of Germany's Jews sought refuge abroad in 1939 as Nazi anti-Jewish measures dramatically intensified. Throughout the Reich, tens of thousands lined up at foreign consulates desperate for visas. Despite worldwide sympathy for their plight, few countries, even the United States with its restrictive quota system, were willing to open their doors any wider.
Germans view the damage caused to a Jewish-owned store in Berlin.  November 10, 1938. National Archives, Washington DC

A Jewish-owned store

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