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Exploring Magnetism

is a series of lessons on solar wind, solar flares, space weather, electromagnetism, and earth's magnetism. Map magnetic fields in your environment. Experiment with compass needles and circuits, electric currents and magnets, a jump rope generator, and induction in an aluminum can. Find out about sunspots, time zone math, magnetic reversals, the magnetosphere, and auroras. (Center for Science Education, National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

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Interesting Fact:

The sun is a fiery ball of gas that gets so hot that gas flies out from the sun at very high speeds. Many of the electrons in the sun's atoms have enough energy to leave the atoms. These new particles are called ions. These ions and electrons are flowing from the sun and together they are known as the solar wind. The ions and electrons dance in the sun's magnetic field. Scientists discovered that the solar wind and its magnetic field flow together out past Mercury, past Earth, and continue out past Pluto.
Magnetic fields on the surface of the sun

Solar flares

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