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9-11-01 Remembrance

offers firsthand accounts of September 11 by National Park Service employees. It includes interviews and photos from a dozen sites, including the Statue of Liberty, Washington, D.C., and western Pennsylvania. One site -- Federal Hall National Memorial, located a few blocks from the World Trade Center -- provided shelter and help to more than 150 people after the towers fell. (National Park Service)

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Interesting Fact:

U.S. Park Police helicopter "Eagle 1" was in the air less than two minutes after hearing of the September 11 attack on the Pentagon. "Eagle 2" followed one minute later. For the next 14 days, USPP helicopter staff flew 24-hour a day security patrols in 12-hour shifts, checking bridges, railroad lines and major roadways for any signs of sabotage and looking out for possible security breaches.
Photo: American flag flies in the midst of debris at the World Trade Center site near Federal Hall. (Credit: National Park Service)

Federal Hall

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