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National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Virtual Museum

features the work of a federal agency that has helped keep U.S. technology at the leading edge. Visit the online exhibits to learn about the standardization of women's clothing, weights and measures (crucial to industrialization), technology development during World War II, the first government computer with an internal program, the "fall of parity," OCR machines, weathering of stone, Jacob Rabinow, and more. (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

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Interesting Fact:

A stone test wall was constructed to study the performance of stone subjected to weathering. It contains 2352 individual samples of stone, of which 2032 are domestic stone from 47 states, and 320 are stones from 16 foreign countries. Over 30 distinct types of stones are represented, some of which are not commonly used for building purposes.
'Illuminations of Dante's Divine Comedy,' by Giovanni di Paolo (15th cent). Dante and Beatrice reach the sun, shown as a golden wheel sending golden rays to the landscape below.

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