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offers a bird's-eye view of the great challenges in physics today. Read about self-organization, network theory, superconductivity, superfluidity, supersolids, quantum mechanics, quantum computing, quantum cryptography, nonlinear equations, chaos theory, the human genome, human consciousness, fundamental forces, grand unified theories, Higgs field, string theory, loop quantum gravity, supernovae, cosmic microwave background, neutrinos, dark energy, and cosmic rays. (National Science Foundation)

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Interesting Fact:

During the past two decades, scientists have made astonishing discoveries and raised profound questions about the contents and evolution of the universe. These new insights -- derived from observation of exploding stars called supernovae, and from many other sources -- are so revolutionary that they cannot be explained by traditional ideas and methods.
Zinc Oxide -- a matter of scale which allows you to zoom in on cell and out to space.

Zinc oxide,... a matter of scale

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