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Do You Speak American?

is the companion website for a film that takes us cross-country to examine the dynamic state of American English and ask: Why do Maine lobstermen and Texas cowboys speak English so differently? How many varieties of American English are there? Is TV making us all sound the same? Topics include 100 common mispronunciations, how language is changing, local color in American literature, and regional writers. (MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, National Endowment for the Humanities)

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Interesting Fact:

Half the countries of the world have an official language. The United States isn't one of them. The definition of an official language is one that has been specifically designated in the Constitution of a country or territory. Officially recognized languages are often mistaken for official languages.
Image of America: Mapping Attitudes, exercises to explore where you think American is best spoken.

Mapping attitudes

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