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U.S. Time Periods » 1607-1763: Colonization

Raid on Deerfield: the Many Stories of 1704

tells the story that began when 300 French and Native allies invaded the English settlement of Deerfield, MA. They captured 112 Deerfield men, women, and children, whom they marched 300 miles to Canada. A number died or were killed on route; most were ransomed. Later, over one-third chose to remain among their captors. Events are examined from 5 perspectives: the Mohawk, Abenaki, Huron, French, and English. More than 100 artifacts, 13 interactive maps, and 100 illustrations are included. (Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association (PVMA), Multiple Agencies)

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Interesting Fact:

The Kanienkehaka, which means "People of the Flint," are culturally an Iroquoian people who are commonly known as Mohawk. The Kanienkehaka are the "Keepers of the Eastern Door" of the Rotinonsionni (Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy) which includes the Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca and Tuscarora nations.
Painting -- Deerfield attacked: On February 29, 1704, the sun rose on a chaotic scene in the English settlement of Deerfield, Massachusetts.

Deerfield attacked

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