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U.S. Time Periods
-1607: Three Worlds Meet (23)
1607-1763: Colonization (26)
1763-1815: Revolution (73)
1801-1861: Expansion (84)
1850-1877: Civil War & Reconstruction (101)
1865-1920: Modern America (119)
1914-1945: World Wars (102)
1945-Present: Contemporary America (65)
Other History & Social Studies: U.S. History Time Periods (8)
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U.S. Time Periods » 1850-1877: Civil War & Reconstruction

The Price of Freedom: Americans at War

features a timeline of America's wars, from the Revolution to Iraq. Watch an interactive presentation on each war -- slideshows and movies, text and photos, and dozens of artifacts (firearms, flags, uniforms). Read an overview of each conflict; learn about its causes, major events, and consequences. Gain a sense of how wars have shaped our history. (National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution)

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Interesting Fact:

With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the cold war in 1989, the U.S. stands alone as the only military superpower.
Resupplied U.S. Army troops in Phuoc Tuy Province

An airmobile war

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