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Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Art

contains nearly 300,000 slides and photos of Asian art and architecture. Materials are predominantly Buddhist but include Hindu, Jain, Islamic, and other works (dating back to 2500 BC). This archive is the most comprehensive collection of its kind. It includes the largest photo archive of Nepali art and architecture in the world and represents the only formal collection that photographically records Nepali's artistic heritage. (Ohio State University, National Endowment for the Humanities)

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Interesting Fact:

The term lianhuanhua ("linked pictures") was coined in Shanghai in the 1920s to describe a form of illustrated story that had been developing in urban China since the introduction of Western printing technology in the late nineteenth century. Lianhuanhua books are usually only about three by five inches in size, with one picture to a page, and serve a market similar to that for cartoons and comics in the West.
Photo of the Buddhist art in the Bamiyan Valley representing the final flowering of Buddhism in Afghanistan.

Buddhist caves of Bamiyan

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