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U.S. Time Periods » -1607: Three Worlds Meet

Chaco Culture National Historical Park

presents artifacts from the Chaco Canyon, an area of the Colorado Plateau occupied by Native Americans for over 10,000 years. Images of pottery, ceramics, beads, pendants, petroglyphs, and tools for farming, hunting, and gathering food are included. (Museum Management, National Park Service)

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Interesting Fact:

Although the ancient people of the Southwest didn't have a written language, they had effective ways to communicate. Cultures worldwide have used rock art to transmit ideas and beliefs. There are two types of rock art, petroglyphs and pictographs.
Figurines, Chaco Anasazi. Site name, Pueblo Alto AD 1020-1140. Very uncommon. Representation of human figures among Anasazi was most uncommon. These are the only such figures in the Chaco Culture coll


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