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Harry Truman and Independence, Missouri:

features the home and story of our thirty-third President. Upon returning home after World War I, Truman married his childhood sweetheart, started a clothing store that failed, and was elected to a judgeship and later the U.S. Senate. He was Vice President 82 days when President Roosevelt died. As President, he used the atomic bomb to end World War II, instituted the Marshall Plan, and sent troops to defend South Korea when the North invaded. (National Park Service, Teaching with Historic Places)

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Interesting Fact:

Citizen Truman spent his retirement years continuing to contribute to his town, his country, and the world. He published his memoirs and raised funds to construct his presidential library and museum. On December 26, 1972, the former President died. His wife, Bess, continued to live in their home until she passed away on October 18, 1982. In her will, she left the home and most of its possessions to the people of the United States.
[Photo] Harry S Truman at the U.S. Capitol Building

Truman at the Capitol

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