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Subject Map
U.S. Time Periods
-1607: Three Worlds Meet (23)
1607-1763: Colonization (26)
1763-1815: Revolution (73)
1801-1861: Expansion (84)
1850-1877: Civil War & Reconstruction (101)
1865-1920: Modern America (119)
1914-1945: World Wars (102)
1945-Present: Contemporary America (65)
Other History & Social Studies: U.S. History Time Periods (8)
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What Is an American?

invites students to look at life histories from the interviews of everyday Americans conducted by Works Progress Administration officials between 1936-1940 and determine to what extent Jean de Crèvecoeur's "definition of an American" holds true today. In Letters from an American Farmer, published in 1782, Crèvecoeur wrote that an American, if he were "honest, sober and industrious," prospered in a welcoming land of opportunity. (Library of Congress)

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Bethlehem-Fairfield shipyards, Baltimore, Maryland. Lunch time.  Siegel, Arthur S., photographer.

Bethlehem-Fairfield shipyards

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