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1801-1861: Expansion (84)
1850-1877: Civil War & Reconstruction (101)
1865-1920: Modern America (119)
1914-1945: World Wars (102)
1945-Present: Contemporary America (65)
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U.S. Time Periods » 1850-1877: Civil War & Reconstruction

The Battle of Prairie Grove: Civilian Recollections of the Civil War

helps students place the Battle of Prairie Grove in the context of Arkansas' role in the Civil War. Photos and readings from eye witness accounts of the battle depict the harsh realities of Civil War and its effects on both soldiers and civilians. (National Park Service, Teaching with Historic Places)

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Nancy Morton Staples in front of the Morton Home, c. 1913. (Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park)

Nancy Morton Staples, 1913

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