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U.S. Time Periods
-1607: Three Worlds Meet (23)
1607-1763: Colonization (26)
1763-1815: Revolution (73)
1801-1861: Expansion (84)
1850-1877: Civil War & Reconstruction (101)
1865-1920: Modern America (119)
1914-1945: World Wars (102)
1945-Present: Contemporary America (65)
Other History & Social Studies: U.S. History Time Periods (8)
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U.S. Time Periods » 1865-1920: Modern America

Fort Hancock: A Bastion of America's Eastern Seaboard

is a lesson that uses this fort, built in the late 1800s to defend New York Harbor, as the basis for examining issues in U.S. defense policy and military preparedness during that time. (National Park Service, Teaching with Historic Places)

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Gun at Battery Granger (Gateway National Recreation Area)

Gun at Battery Granger

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