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Truman, Harry

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[Photo] Harry S Truman at the U.S. Capitol Building

Harry Truman and Independence, Missouri: features the home and story of our thirty-third President. Upon returning home after...

Thomas Jefferson's account of the onset of the French Revolution.

Eyewitness Accounts features more than a dozen moments in history -- Washington's worry that Britain was...

Statement, dated June 27, 1950, by President Harry S. Truman, announcing his order to send U.S. air and naval forces to help defend South Korea and explaining the rationale for his decision.

The United States Enters the Korean Conflict features President Truman's statement, on June 27, 1950, announcing his order to send...

President Truman holding Nov. 3, 1948 edition of 'Chicago Daily Tribune' with a headline that proclaims 'Dewey Defeats Truman.'

Truman Presidential Library and Museum helps students and educators work with primary source materials. The project offers...

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