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Historic American Sheet Music, 1850-1920 presents 3,000 pieces of sheet music drawn from a collection at Duke University. The selection covers a variety of music types including bel canto, minstrel, protest, plantation, and...  (Library of Congress)
American Memory Timeline helps teachers and students navigate the vast online collections of primary source materials at the Library of Congress. The links, arranged by chronological period, lead to sets of...  (Library of Congress)
The Great War (World War I) features interviews with 19 historians who were consulted in the making of the 8-part PBS series on World War I. Maps, bibliographies, online links, and a timeline are also at the...  (KCET, supported by National Endowment for the Humanities)
Heritage: Civilization and the Jews is the website for the PBS series by the same name. The website provides a description and lesson for each of the nine episodes, an historical time line, and more...  (WNET, supported by National Endowment for the Humanities)
The Price of Freedom: Americans at War features a timeline of America's wars, from the Revolution to Iraq. Watch an interactive presentation on each war -- slideshows and movies, text and photos, and dozens of artifacts...  (National Museum of American History, supported by Smithsonian Institution)
Henry Luce is the companion website for a film about the missionary's son who founded Time and Life magazines and became, in the late 1930s, America's most powerful mass...  (WNET, supported by National Endowment for the Humanities)
Centuries of Citizenship: A Constitutional Timeline is an interactive timeline of events marking more than 200 years of our constitutional history. These events tell the evolving story of our Constitution and the role it continues to...  (National Constitution Center)
Inquiring Minds: Fermilab features an introduction to elementary particles and forces in our universe, physics questions answered by Fermilab scientists, an interactive timeline illustrating the history of...  (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, supported by Department of Energy)
Revolutionary War Timeline describes 125 battles, incidents, advances, and other developments during the Revolutionary War. Descriptions are brief (often one sentence) and presented chronologically over the...  (National Park Service)
From Slavery to Civil Rights is a timeline of African-American history. Photos, broadsides, maps, and other items are organized around time periods: slavery, abolition, antebellum, Civil War, reconstruction...  (Library of Congress)
The Dream of Flight presents photos, letters, and diary excerpts from the experiments and efforts that led to the Wright brothers' December 17, 1903, achievement of the first sustained, powered, and...  (Library of Congress)
American Masters: Alfred Stieglitz presents an essay, timeline, video clips, and interviews examining this photographer, artist, and art impresario. Stieglitz was a powerful force in the arts of the early 20th century...  (WNET, supported by National Endowment for the Humanities)
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