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Mixing in Math offers 40 activities that can be used to "slip a little math" into kids' everyday routines. Activities include using clocks and calendars, figuring lengths and widths, gathering and...  (TERC, supported by National Science Foundation)
A Walk Through Time looks at the evolution of timekeeping—how humans have measured the passage of time throughout history. The site describes and shows depictions of ancient calendars, sun and water...  (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
NIST Time and Frequency Information provides information, tools, and services for timekeeping and frequency measurement. Visitors can download time-setting software for their computer, read about how time is...  (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
The Official U.S. Time features an actual clock, accurate to 0.3 seconds depending on your Internet connection, that will display on your screen. There are three high-school level exhibits about time: "A...  (Multiple Agencies)
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