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A mom and son preparing a meal.

Get Your Kids Involved with Thanksgiving Cooking suggests how to make the autumn feast a family affair. Children can help in various...

Butcher Shop Window At Thanksgiving, Norwich, Connecticut, Jack Delano photographer, November 1940. FSA/OWI Photographs, 1938-1944

Thanksgiving Day traces this holiday back to the Puritan colonists of 1621 Plymouth, Massachusetts. Learn...

Photograph of President Truman receiving a Thanksgiving turkey from members of the Poultry and Egg National Board, 11/16/1949

Congress Establishes Thanksgiving describes the various resolutions and proclamations that established and shaped...

Link to press release of fact and figures about Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: Facts for Feaures forecasts the bounty of this year's autumn harvest. Find out the number of turkeys...

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