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Supreme Court

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Supreme Court of the United States provides information on the High Court's docket, calendar and schedule, opinions and orders, and visitation schedule. It offers advice on how to file a case with the court, court...  (U.S. Courts)
Our Documents features 100 milestone documents in U.S. history. Each week, the website highlights 3 documents. Speeches, treaties, Supreme Court cases, patent designs, and Constitutional...  (National Archives and Records Administration)
Oyez. Oyez. Oyez.: Supreme Court Resource features abstracts and other materials on Constitutional law cases decided by the United States Supreme Court. Visitors can learn about the Court, search case law, listen to recordings...  (Northwestern University, supported by National Endowment for the Humanities)
Interactive Constitution lets you search the Constitution and find relevant passages and explanations. Discover how the Constitution relates to more than 300 topics, from civil rights to school prayer...  (National Constitution Center)
The Great Chief Justice at Home offers photos of John Marshall's residence in Richmond, Virginia. This website also describes how Marshall, who wrote 519 opinions in his 34 years as chief justice (1801-1835)...  (National Park Service, Teaching with Historic Places)
New Kent School and the George W. Watkins School: From Freedom of Choice to Integration looks at the 1968 Supreme Court ruling that ended a decade of resistance to school desegregation in the South (1955-1964) and triggered massive integration of schools (1968-1973). The...  (National Park Service, Teaching with Historic Places)
Federal Court Concepts introduces students to the U.S. federal court system. It describes the structure of the federal courts, the kinds of cases that federal courts hear, the Supreme Court, and how federal...  (CATEA, supported by Department of Education)
Growing into Public Service: William Howard Taft's Boyhood Home examines the family and setting in Cincinnati where the 27th President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court grew up. It includes readings, maps, photos, and activities for students...  (National Park Service, Teaching with Historic Places)
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