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Stuart, Gilbert

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Gilbert Stuart: Exhibition examines the life and career of early America's most successful portraitist. The son of a Rhode Island snuff miller, Stuart (1755-1828) mastered portraiture in London and Dublin...  (National Gallery of Art)
The Gallery's American Collection Online features American paintings from the late 1700s-1900s. Included are works by John Copley, Henry Tanner, John Sargent, James Whistler, Gilbert Stuart, and more. Much art of the...  (National Gallery of Art)
Gilbert Stuart: Works portrayed virtually all the notable men and women of the Federal period in the U.S., and was declared the "Father of American Portraiture" by his contemporaries. Stuart portrayed...  (National Gallery of Art)
Gilbert Stuart: Paints the First Five Presidents looks at the Gibbs-Coolidge paintings, the only surviving complete set of portraits depicting the first five U.S. presidents. Commissioned by Colonel George Gibbs of Rhode Island, it...  (National Gallery of Art)
George Washington: A National Treasure takes an in-depth look at the famous Gilbert Stuart portrait of our first president. Explore the symbolic, artistic, and biographic meanings of the sword and books by clicking on...  (Smithsonian Institution)
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