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Windows to the Universe explores the Earth, planets of our solar system, and the universe. It includes images, animations, and data sets, and information about books, movies, scientists, and myths...  (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition offers units, lessons, and classroom tasks for teachers of French, German, and Spanish. A virtual assessment center and a handbook are designed to help world language teachers with...  (University of Minnesota, supported by Department of Education)
Colorín Colorado is designed for parents and teachers who are helping Spanish-speaking children learn to read in English. Find activities to help children learn about sounds, letters, and words. Use...  (Colorín Colorado, supported by Department of Education)
La Ciencia del Agua para Escuelas provee información sobre numerosos temas sobre el agua: qué es el agua, cuánta agua hay en la tierra y dónde se encuentra, cómo se miden la calidad del agua y...  (U.S. Geological Survey)
21st Century Explorer answers questions that include: Why do we want to travel to Mars? How would your body change in space? Where would a space explorer find water and oxygen? How can we travel faster in...  (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
Integrating Mathematics, Science and Language: An Instructional Program is a bilingual curriculum and resources guide and is designed to help elementary school teachers organize instruction to increase achievement of Hispanic primary-grade children whose...  (Southwest Educational Development Laboratory, supported by Department of Education)
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