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Relativity, Theory Of

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Image of a hand writing E=mc2 on a chalk board

Einstein's Big Idea tells the story behind the world's most famous equation, E = mc2. Learn about its...

The debate over the existence of atoms had gotten quite heated by 1905, to the point where many physicists were reluctant even to talk about atoms.

World Year of Physics 2005 celebrates the centennial of the publication of four strange research papers -- written...

Close up of a clear, uncoated quartz rotor. A poster of einstein is shrunk and flipped in the clear material.

Gravity Probe B is a "relativity gyroscope" experiment designed to test two unverified predictions of...

Image of Europe and northern Africa

Astronomy and Space looks at research into fundamental questions: Where did everything come from? What is...

National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation


National Science Foundation
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