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Picasso, Pablo

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Picasso: The Early Years, Brochure presents the first comprehensive survey of Picasso's work before cubism, from the academic and realist work of his youth to his emergence as a brilliant stylist in late 1906...  (National Gallery of Art)
Picasso: The Cubist Portraits of Fernande Olivier displays 16 portraits of Picasso's companion, Fernande Olivier. They're from a series of 60 portraits Picasso created of Olivier between spring and fall in 1909. This series is...  (National Gallery of Art)
Pablo Picasso's The Tragedy: The Metamorphosis of a Painting uses x-rays and infrared light to reveal that Picasso sketched and painted at least four works on this panel before painting over them all in 1903 to produce The Tragedy. He did not...  (National Gallery of Art)
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