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Reading Rockets: National Poetry Month features video interviews with children's poets, a list of resources for learning through poetry, and suggested activities for celebrating National Poetry Month...  (PBS, Department of Education, supported by Department of Education)
Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers features easy-to-do parent tips, video clips and transcripts from interviews with some of the nation's foremost reading experts, motivational e-cards that grandparents and teachers can...  (PBS, supported by Department of Education)
Helping Your Child Learn History offers activities parents can use to help young children (preschool through Grade 5) learn about history. It includes suggestions about how parents can work with teachers and schools...  (Department of Education)
Children's Literature: Digitized Print Materials provides 50 digitized texts of rare books: The Arabian Nights, A Child's Garden of Verses, Ballad of the Lost Hare, A Christmas Carol, Humpty Dumpty, The Grasshopper Stories, Mother...  (Library of Congress)
Helping Your Child with Homework tells how parents can make sure children succeed with homework and develop strong study skills. Among the topics: setting a regular time and place for homework, removing...  (Department of Education)
Helping Your Preschool Child offers fun activities for parents to use during everyday routines to help babies, toddlers, and preschoolers develop skills needed for success in school and life. The booklet also...  (Department of Education)
Museums and Learning: A Guide for Family Visits provides basic information about museums and how they relate to learning, and suggests ways to make museum visits enjoyable learning experiences for families with children ranging in...  (Department of Education)
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