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The Dinosaur Homepage displays featured bones from the Museum's large collection. Each photograph may be enlarged and comes with a text. The bones can be viewed by dinosaur type and by time period. The site...  (National Museum of Natural History, supported by Smithsonian Institution)
Dinosaurs helps students answer questions about dinosaurs: What makes a dinosaur "a dinosaur"? Where did they live? What caused their mass extinction? Students can participate in a virtual...  (National Museum of Natural History, supported by Smithsonian Institution)
Geologic Time: The Story of a Changing Earth examines the history of Earth. Learn about the formation of Earth, dating the age of rocks, geologic time, plate tectonics, climate change, ocean circulation, evolution, extinction...  (National Museum of Natural History, supported by Smithsonian Institution)
Life Sciences at Science360 features 120+ videos on bats, bed bugs, bird wings, butterflies, brain mapping, evolution, football science, genetics, gorillas, jellyfish, mitochondria, orangutans, red-eyed tree...  (National Science Foundation)
Paleontology Portal invites students to discover prehistoric life in the U.S. by state and time period, see famous fossil localities and assemblages, and search fossil images and paleontology collections...  (University of California Museum of Paleontology, supported by National Science Foundation)
Life of a Vertebrate Fossil traces the journey of fossils from discovery to display. Find out what paleontologists do in each stage a vertebrate fossil's life. Learn about digging up fossils, getting them to...  (National Museum of Natural History, supported by Smithsonian Institution)
Prehistoric Puzzles helps students investigate the prehistory of the African continent. The site includes learning modules on diet, subsistence, ceramic artifact analysis, and other topics...  (Indiana University, supported by National Endowment for the Humanities)
Museum of Paleontology features online exhibits and activities that allow you to experience the excitement of discovering and reconstructing a dinosaur, see underwater photos of a great white shark, trace...  (University of California, Berkeley, supported by National Science Foundation)
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