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The Siege and Battle of Corinth: A New Kind of War tells the story of two Civil War engagements near Corinth, a small Mississippi town established in the 1850s where two railroads crossed. On October 2, 1862, Confederates attacked...  (National Park Service, Teaching with Historic Places)
Campaign for Vicksburg, 1863 describes the effort of the Union Army of Tennessee to capture Vicksburg, Mississippi. Taking Vicksburg was the key to ending the Civil War. It was the key to regaining control of...  (National Park Service)
Nile of the New World: Lower Mississippi River Valley features stories and resources to help students learn about the heritage of this diverse region. Stories form a picture of the Delta's natural, historic, and cultural resources, and...  (National Park Service)
Educator's Guide, Vicksburg National Military Park is a guide for teachers taking their students to the site of the important Civil War campaign. The guide brings to bear the viewpoints of the arts, language arts, mathematics, science...  (National Park Service)
Indian Mounds of Mississippi is a guide to these mounds, built between 100 B.C. and 1700 A.D. to bury important members of tribes and to serve as platforms for temples or residences of chiefs. This website...  (National Register of Historic Places, supported by National Park Service)
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