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Thomas: Legislative Information is a searchable database of summary versions of legislation, the status of congressional bills, the text and digest of the Congressional Record, committee information, hearings...  (Library of Congress)
Our Documents: Tools for Educators is designed to help teachers use in the classroom 100 of the most important documents in our nation's history. The 100 milestone documents appear on a timeline, along with...  (National Archives and Records Administration)
Oyez. Oyez. Oyez.: Supreme Court Resource features abstracts and other materials on Constitutional law cases decided by the United States Supreme Court. Visitors can learn about the Court, search case law, listen to recordings...  (Northwestern University, supported by National Endowment for the Humanities)
Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government for Kids helps K-12 students learn how our government works. Students can learn about the branches of government, the election process, and how laws are made. This includes debate topics, word...  (Government Printing Office)
How Our Laws Are Made outlines the steps by which an idea can become federal law. Topics include Congress, sources of legislation, forms of congressional action, the role of committees, reported bills...  (Library of Congress)
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