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American Southwest presents a travel itinerary of 58 historic places across Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. It includes forts built to protect mail routes and settlers, missions and churches...  (National Register of Historic Places, supported by National Park Service)
Tonto National Monument: Saving a National Treasure tells the story of the Salado people, who thrived in the Arizona valley where Tonto Creek joins the Salt River (1050-1450 AD). The Salado culture combined customs of several American...  (National Park Service, Teaching with Historic Places)
Hoover Dam Learning Packet contains learning activities on the impact of Hoover Dam on the environment and its technical and historical significance. Learn about the history, wildlife, water resources, and...  (Department of the Interior)
Environmental Education offers activities for elementary students and families visiting Lake Mead National Recreation Area to learn about desert plants, animals, food chains, and "communities" in the Mojave...  (National Park Service)
Kid's Korner at Tumacácori National Historical Park is a site where children can learn about customs and games of the first Europeans who came to southern Arizona and the native people who lived there in the 1600s. The site includes...  (National Park Service)
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