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Andersonville: Prisoner of War Camp examines the conditions of Camp Sumter (in Andersonville, Georgia), the largest and most notorious of prisoner of war camps during the Civil War...  (National Park Service, Teaching with Historic Places)
Savannah, Georgia: The Lasting Legacy of Colonial City Planning describes the establishing of Georgia as a colony in America and the design of the settlement. When a friend in jail for debt died there, General James Oglethorpe, a member of the...  (National Park Service, Teaching with Historic Places)
Discover Atlanta, Georgia is a travel itinerary of 70 places that tell the story of Atlanta -- its picturesque homes and skyscrapers, tales of former slaves, educators, authors, and millionaires who shaped it...  (National Register of Historic Places, supported by National Park Service)
Along the Georgia-Florida Coast is a travel itinerary of historic sites that help us understand key developments in America's past: encounters between Europeans and Native Americans, European settlement, plantation...  (National Park Service)
Frederica: An 18th-Century Planned Community recounts British efforts to establish Georgia as a utopia in the American wilderness (1730s) and to fortify the colony against Spanish encroachment, in part through the creation of a...  (National Park Service, Teaching with Historic Places)
The Golden Crescent, Crossroads of Florida and Georgia examines the cultural history of the Atlantic Coast from Savannah to Cape Canaveral and inland toward Tallahassee. Maps, texts, and pictures illustrate the area's transformations...  (National Park Service)
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