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The San Pedro was a 287-ton galleon built in Holland. It is representative of a typical treasure fleet ship used in the 18th century. The San Pedro carried 1,600 pesos in Mexican silver and several cr

Spanish Treasure Fleets of 1715 and 1733: Disasters Strike at Sea discusses Spain's search for gold and silver in the New World (1500s-1700s) and its...

Castillo de San Marcos is the oldest existing permanent seacoast fortification in the continental United States.

Along the Georgia-Florida Coast is a travel itinerary of historic sites that help us understand key developments in...

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Fort Pickens and the Outbreak of the Civil War recounts what happened in the Pensacola Bay just before the Civil War. U.S. Army...

Diver inspecting 'Urca De Lima.'  Photo courtesy of the the Florida Maritime Heritage Trail, Florida Division of Historical Resources

Florida Shipwrecks: 300 Years of Maritime History is a travel itinerary featuring 13 historic shipwrecks in waters near Florida, a...

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National Park Service

National Park Service

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