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Master Painter in the Age of Rembrandt features one of the most esteemed Dutch artists of the seventeenth century, Gerrit Dou (1613-1675), also known as Rembrandt's first pupil. Included are many of Dou's best portraits and...  (National Gallery of Art)
Johaness Vermeer's Woman Holding a Balance examines Vermeer's use of light, proportion, symbolism, and other techniques in this 17th century masterpiece. How the museum restored the painting is also explained...  (National Gallery of Art)
Van Gogh's Van Goghs features nine paintings, a history, and a chronology of the life of this ingenious Dutch painter. Van Gogh was 27 years old when he decided to become an artist after unsuccessful...  (National Gallery of Art)
Gerard ter Borch displays 14 pieces by one of the finest of all Dutch 17th-century painters. Ter Borch (1617-1681) was unrivaled at capturing the elegance and grace of wealthy burghers and expressing...  (National Gallery of Art)
Rembrandt's Late Religious Portraits explores a fascinating aspect of the career of one of the greatest painters in the history of Western art: Rembrandt's portraits of apostles, evangelists, and other religious figures...  (National Gallery of Art)
The Atlantic World: America and the Netherlands explores the history of the Dutch in America. Topics include Henry Hudson, New Netherland, New Amsterdam, the sale of Manhattan, Native Americans and the Dutch, slavery in New...  (Library of Congress)
Dutch Still Lifes and Landscapes of the 1600s looks at Dutch paintings that focused on the natural world. Paintings depicting aspects of the natural world were so characteristic of the Netherlands that, during the 17th century...  (National Gallery of Art)
Johannes Vermeer and Dutch Scenes of Daily Life in the 1600s tours eight paintings depicting everyday scenes. They are typical of "genre" paintings from this period, which marks the emergence of Dutch national identity. Vermeer's specialty was...  (National Gallery of Art)
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