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Astrocytes can release gliotransmitters (like glutamate) by exocytosis to send signals to neighboring neurons.

Genetic Science Learning Center features animations and activities for learning about DNA, cells, and other topics in...

Learning about the inner workings of microbes can lead to discovery of ways to isolate and use their components to develop new, synthetic nanostructures that carry out some of the functions of living

To Know Ourselves tells about the Human Genome Project and provides general information about and links to...

Cells use the two-step process of transcription and translation to read each gene and produce the string of amino acids that makes up a protein.

DNA Microarray is a "virtual lab" of a DNA microarray experiment. Compare samples of healthy tissue and...

An animation that demonstrates the stages of mitosis in an animal cell.

Action Bioscience offers scientific articles and lessons. Topics include the value of a garden, plant...

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